The most popular design in our range of seals. A spring loaded element enclosed in a steel casing presents a robust seal.

Two sealing member with opposed lips. One to exclude foreign matter the other to retain lubricant.

D2 D3

Again dual elements designed for applications of a more critical nature.

When duplicate sealing members are required, but width does not allow D1 to be used, then D3 is an excellent alternative. The washer prevents dirt etc, damaging the main element.

D4 D5

A further variation of dual sealing. Here the spring loaded element is preceded by a washer.

From time to time arduous conditions require a special dual seal which will allow grease to be administered to the centre cavity after the seals is installed, thereby cleaning the wiping lips of extraneous matter.

D6 G1

Two seals fitted back to back, one with indentations, which again allows the easy passage of lubricant administered through a grease nipple.

Where both axial and radial dimensions are restricted we offer a springless seal.

G2 G3

Limited space requiring dual sealing poses a problem which is overcome by our G2 type.

A triple lipped springless seal is ideal for grease and thick oils.

Type X (NOT ILLUSTRATED) - The sealing element is mounted externally where the requirement is to seal the housing as opposed to sealing the shaft which is stationary. Refer to:
External Seal Page.
Combinations of material are possible as are special designs are made to customer requirements. We invite your enquiries on any sealing problem you may have which. It will receive our immediate attention.

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